Century A+ AT-32
Century A+ AT-32
Century A+ AT-32
Century A+ AT-32


Century A+ AT-32

Century AT-32
Highest quality at the most competitive prices.

Telescope optics are bright and clear. The 1 foot (0.3m) minimum focus distance makes it easy to use in confined locations.

The stadia lines on the reticle allow easy calculations of distance. Simply multiply the distance on the rod between the top and bottom stadia lines by 100. AT series levels are equipped with an easy-to-use horizontal circle for measuring angles (direct reading to 1° or 1 gon).
Image Erect
Magnification 32×
Field of view 1°20'
Minimum focus (m) 0.3
Stadia constant 0
Stadia ratio 100
Circular Level
Sensitivity (/2mm) 8'
Automatic Leveling
Setting accuracy ±0.5''
Compensating range ±15'
Accuracy 1km Double Run Level ±1.0mm
Horizontal Circle
Minimum division 1°(1g)
Instrument (kgs) 1.3

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