Leica FlexLineTS09plus


Leica FlexLineTS09plus

The First Plus: Original Leica Geosystems Quality
For most, “quality” is relative. Not so at Leica Geosystems. To ensure our instruments meet the highest precision and quality requirements, we manufacture them in state-of-theart facilities around the world. Swiss technology combines with exceptional craftsmanship to provide best-in-class devices. And this quality also applies to all of our procedures – moving Leica Geosystems towards business excellence to meet our customers’ needs and expectations in every way. The Leica FlexLine TS09plus Manual Total Station is ideal for mid- to high-accuracy applications. The brilliant color display with touch operation, built-in Bluetooth®, USB host and device board offer the highest performance and ease of use.

Welcome to the world of Leica Geosystems. Welcome to a world of people, technologies, services and devices that you can completely rely on.
The Third Plus: Full Precision, Superior Convenience and Performance
Electronic Distance Measurement:
Wherever high-distance measurement accuracy is required, you can face the challenge of this demanding task with the TS09plus. It provides the most accurate Electronic Distance Measurement.

Prism Mode
  • Precision+ (1.5 mm + 2 ppm)
  • Speed (1 second)

Non-Prism Mode
  • Precision (2 mm + 2 ppm)
  • PinPoint EDM with coaxial, small laser pointer and measurement beam for accurate aiming and measuring
  • Fewer set-ups required, because targets on which it is not possible to set up a reflector can be measured using reflectorless measurement up to 1,000

Work productively with the new Leica FlexField plus on-board software and the new color & touch display.
The new Leica FlexField plus software is without a doubt a highlight of the FlexLine plus. Its advantages are immediately apparent with the extra large, built-in color & touch display.

  • Low learning curve due to guided workflows
  • Easy to understand graphics and icons
  • Icons to quickly verify instrument status
  • Fast navigation inside the software via touch screen, tabs and icons
  • High resolution color display to show all information without misinterpretation
  • Larger font size for fast and clear readability
  • Fast operation through graphic guidance

The Leica FlexLine TS06plus Communication Side Cover enables cable-free connection to any data collector via Bluetooth, for example the field-controllers Leica Viva CS10 or Leica Viva CS15 with SmartWorks Viva software. The USB-stick enables the flexible transfer of such data as GSI, DXF, ASCII, LandXML and CSV.

FlexField plus Onboard Software: Easy to use due to it's graphical guidance and intuitive workflows.
Leica Geosystems – mySecurity
mySecurity gives you total peace of mind. If your instrument is ever stolen, a locking mechanism is available to ensure that the device is disabled and can no longer be used.
Leica FlexLine Plus
Proven Specifications, Reliable Instruments

Leica FlexLine TS09plus specifications:
Angle Measurement (Hz, V)
Accuracy 1) 1” (0.3 mgon) / 2” (0.6 mgon)
3” (1 mgon) / 5” (1.5 mgon)
Method Absolute, continuous, diametrical: at all models
Display resolution 0.1” / 0.1 mgon / 0.01 mil
Compensation Quadruple Axis Compensation: at all models
Compensator Setting Accuracy 0.5” / 0.5” / 1” / 1.5”
Distance Measurement with Reflector
Range 2) Round prism (Leica GPR1) 3.500 m
Range 2) Prism-Long (Leica GPR1, R500/R1000) >10.000 m
         Range 2) Reflective tape (60 mm x 60 mm) >500m 9)
>1000m 10)
                Accuracy 3) Precise+: 1.5 mm + 2.0 ppm
Precise Fast: 2.0 mm + 2.0 ppm
Tracking: 3.0 mm + 2.0 ppm
Typical Measurement time 4) 1.0 s
Distance Measurement without Reflector 8)
Range 5) PinPoint R500 / R1000 > 500 m / > 1000 m
Accuracy 3) 6) 2 mm + 2 ppm
Laser dot size At 30 m: approx. 7 x 10 mm
At 50 m: approx. 8 x 20 mm
Data storage / Communication
Internal memory Max.: 100’000 fixpoints,
Max.: 60’000 measurements
Interfaces - Serial (Baudrate up to 115’200)
- USB Type A and mini B,
- Bluetooth® Wireless, class 1, 150 m
- > 1000 m (with TCPS29)

Data formats GSI / DXF / LandXML / CSV /
user definable ASCII formats
Guide Light (EGL)
Working Range
(average atmospheric conditions)
5 m – 150 m
Positioning accuracy 5 cm at 100 m
Magnification 30 x
Resolving power 3”
Field of View 1° 30’ (1.66 gon)
2.7 m at 100 m
Focusing range 1.7 m to infinity
Reticle Illuminated, 10 brightness levels
Keyboard and Display
Keyboard and Display Full Alpha-numerical keyboard
with Color & Touch display, Graphics, Q-VGA, key- and display illumination, 5 brightness levels
Position Face I, Face II
  Operating System
  Windows CE 5.0 Core
  Type Laser point, 5 brightness levels
  Centering accuracy 1.5 mm at 1.5 m Instrument
  Type Lithium-Ion
  Operating time 7) approx. 30 hours
  Total station including GEB211 and tribrach 5.1 kg
  Temperature range (operation) –20° C to +50° C
(–4° F to +122° F)
Arctic Version –35° C to 50° C
(–31° F to +122° F)
  Dust / Water (IEC 60529) Humidity IP55, 95%, non condensing
Leica FlexField plus Onboard Sofware
Included Application Programs: Survey incl. Map View; Selection from map within applications; Stake Out; Station Setup including:
Resection, Local Resection, Helmert Resection, Orientation (Angles & Coordinates), Height Transfer; Area (Plan & Surface); DTM Volume calculation; Tie Distance (MLM); Remote Height; Hidden Point; Backsight Check; Offset; Reference Line; Reference Arc; Reference Plane; Road 2D; COGO; Road 3D; Traverse
  Theft protection
  mySecurity, PIN/PUK Code  
Model Comparison: Configurations & Options of Manual Total Stations
  TS02plus TS06plus TS09plus Viva TS11
1” angular accuracy
Enhanced measurement accuracy to
1.5 mm + 2 ppm 1.5 mm + 2 ppm 1.5 mm + 2 ppm 1.0 mm + 1.5 ppm
Reflectorless measurement range 500 m option 500 m included/1000 m option 500 m included/1000 m option 500 m included/1000 m option
Display with graphics and display
Black & White high resolution Black & White high resolution Q-VGA Color & Touch Full-VGA Color & Touch
Full alpha-numerical keyboard with
function keys
Second Keyboard
Keyboard illumination
Electronic Guide Light
USB Type A and mini B
Bluetooth® Wireless
SD Card
Imaging capability
Smart Station GNSS capability
Onboard software (package content) FlexField plus (standard) FlexField plus (advanced) FlexField plus (full) SmartWorx Viva (pro)
1) Standard deviation ISO-17123-3
2) Overcast, no haze, visibility about 40 km;
no heat shimmer.
3) Standard deviation ISO-17123-4
4) Prism Precise Fast mode
5) Under optimal conditions on Kodak Grey Card (90% reflective). Maximum range varies with atmospheric conditions, target reflectivity and surface structure.
6) Range > 500m 4mm+2ppm
7) Single Measurement every 30 second at 25° C. Battery time may be shorter if battery is not new. Internal battery GEB222.
8) Reflectorless measurement time may vary according to measuring objects, observation situations and environmental conditions.
9) with R500 option using Non-prism mode
10) with R1000 option using Non-prism mode
Not available
The Second Plus: Real Features, True Benefits
USB Stick
  • For fast and easy transfer of data

Wireless Bluetooth®
  • For cable-free connection to data logger
PinPoint EDM
  • The most precise in its class (1.5 mm + 2 ppm)
  • Extremely fast (1 second)
  • > 1.000 meters without prism
  • Coaxial laser pointer and measurement beam
Electronic Guide Light
  • For faster stake-out
Color & Touch Display
  • Highest userfriendliness
FlexField plus
  • Modern and intuitive onboard software for higher productivity
Useful tools
  • A range of tools, such as a trigger key and laser plummet, speed up your work
Arctic version
  • For use at –35°C (–31°F)
  • Unique cloudbased protection against theft

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